FML is generally an acronym used as F*ck My Life, and over 40,000 people use it as a hashtag daily. JELL-O hijacked the hashtag #FML and "funned" people's lives up in response to their bad day. We created a responsive microsite that housed all the interactions with the brand.

The site had over 200,000 impressions and we gave away 2,000 prizes to those who deserved them. It was picked up by Adweek, Mashable, NY Times and many news articles.

Role: Art Director/Designer/UX 

Thousands of people received #FML packages for their pains. Here are some samples of those posts.

In addition to concepting, I also had a heavy hand in the design. Here is a sample of the illustrations I made for the packages that went out on the fly to the #FML people in need.