In 2017, I decided to start a chapter of my own in Portland. With the help of Michelle Borgese, we began to build a team to help local breast cancer survivors heal through the beauty of art: with tattoos.

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Meet the team from left to right: Jacqueline Davis (Survivor Relations Specialist); Shy Allot (Producer); Michelle Borgese (Co-Leader); Me (Co-Leader); Gabriela Narvaez (Creative Director); Lucia Estrada (Community Manager); Matt McVeigh (Lead Designer) Not featured: Carli Davidson (Photographer)

Together, the team created a Portland Chapter. First we found a local tattoo parter: Carrie Smith of New Rose Tattoo.


Then we found 4 wonderful survivors and helped change their lives. All photos by Carli Davidson

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Special thanks to all our donators and artists.

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We also made items to help support funding. Special thanks to illustrators Holly Stout and Laura Trimmell. 

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The social media we created so that our fans could stay in touch.